Why Motorbikes are Better than Cars

When thinking about the best means of transport to use, it is crucial to think about a range of factors to consider. Such include the cost, durability, use, maintenance, safety, and speed among many others. Weigh each option you have with the aforementioned factors to reach an informed decision.

This article does the evaluation between a car and a motorbike and gives you the following reasons why motorbikes are better than cars.

Greater Speed

They are better as they have higher speeds compared to cars. A 250cc motorbike simply has a greater speed than any car. In addition, the most exotic cars with very powerful engines can equal the speed performance of models Ninja or Hayabusa. Despite their beaten speed, cars are more expensive than the bikes.

Due to their size, the motorcycles can move at high speeds between lanes, change the lanes easily and move in a traffic situation with ease and speedily unlike cars.


It is a fact that they are safer than cars. This is as a result of a wider field of view for the rider. He/she can easily see what is happening on the road with more ease than the car driver who is enclosed in the car. As long as the rider is keen on the road, he/she is able to control the brakes which are even easier to reach compared to those of the car. This makes it safer.

However, this is only possible if the rider does not text or make calls while riding so that he/she will have full control of the bike and the road.

Easier Parking

They are easier to park compared to cars. Actually, you need a really small space to park the bike, unlike a driver who needs a space that’s large enough for a vehicle. A space that can be used to park 50 cars can be used for 200 motorcycles hence hectic. In addition, it is worth noting that a rider takes around 2 minutes to park, unlike a driver who takes a lot of time parking.
In most places, you will actually be given a free space to park your motorcycle, unlike a car parking that is mostly paid for. You will save some amount here.

Easier to Maintain

You do not incur a lot of expenses in maintaining it as a car owner does. You only have two wheels to change when a driver replaces four. This saves a lot for you. It is also interesting that the engine is easily accessible unlike that of a vehicle hence ease to maintain.

You can even consider doing some of the repairs on yourself as they are not complex like those in cars. Replace the battery and the plugs if you don’t mind grease.

Cheaper to Fuel

Unlike fuelling a car, you do not need a lot of money to fuel the motorbike. This makes it possible to spend less than half of the money that the car driver spends in fuelling the car. You do not have to be bothered that you don’t have a lot of money to keep fuelling it.

The motorbike is even more environmentally friendly since it does not give out a lot of carbon like the one given out by the car.