History of Motorcycles in the Military

In history, the men went to the battlefield on the back of the horses. But gradually the idea of animal transportation has been changed. In the early twentieth century, the first motorcycle has been created for the sake of the human being. The World War I gave the people the power of mechanization. It brought the invention of cars, trucks and other sophisticated weapons. At that time many machine guns and rifles had been made by the experts. There is a great uni tutor’s essay writing about the brief history of motorcycles in the military.

The various motorcycles:

Indian Powerplus Big Twin:

Indian Powerplus Big Twin is an antique model of motorcycle. It was first introduced in the year of 1916 at the battlefield of World War I. The Indian army was at the forefront of this particular motorcycle. This motorcycle was faster enough than any other motorcycles.

Harley Davidson:

17F/J model of Harley Davidson was first introduced in the year 1917 in the U.S at the battlefield of World War I. this motorcycle was successfully used by the U.S army during the Mexican Revolution. It had a 61 cubic inch F-head engine and 3-speed transmission. At that time, the army has already used and tested the motorcycle thoroughly and it became a popular model.


Triumph Model H:

This model of the motorcycle was first introduced in the year 1915. It was also introduced at the time of World War I. The British had decided the route of two-wheelers. This motorcycle was exceptionally reliable one on a large battlefield. The British had achieved success by using these two-wheelers.


Harley-Davidson WLA:

This model of the motorcycle was first introduced in the year 1940. It was seen on the battlefield of World War II. Actually, Harley has already developed a strong foothold as an American company. It was introduced in the honour of American veteran. At first, they produced a limited number of motorcycles for the army. After that, they increased gradually their production.

BSA M20:

This model of the motorcycle was first introduced in the year 1937. At that time, the British Government announced the features of light, fast and reliable motorcycle. The battlefield was of World War II. It was generally powered by the low-compression 500cc single cylinder. The British war office ordered more than 126,000 motorcycles at that time of war.

Here is a video related to this history of the motorcycle in the military:

The motorcycles offered speed and agility among the soldiers on the battlefield. The military commanders wanted the speed in their life at the time of war. These motorcycles gave them that power in order to achieve success on the battlefield. At the time of the First World War, the sound of mechanization came in front of people. After that, at the time of Second World War, the military and the commanders were strong enough with the evolution power of mechanism. They had crossed the speed and power of the motorcycles. They had included the motorcycle for the regular transportation also. There were many companies evolved at that point in time. They became popular after their first use.